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Our approach

Our team works with an Agile software development lifecycle approach that offers a reasults in the quickest possible timeframe with required quality -

Requirement Analysis

Our business analysts and project manager works closely with the client to understand and map the complete vision to determine what needs to be achieved through the application and what workflow is best suited for it. This understanding is translated in a 'Scope of Work Document'. Based on the scope we propose the solution to the client. Once the client approves the suggested model, the team creates a list of features (user stories) that will be developed over a period of time and shares the product roadmap with the client and the product backlog with the Development Team.

Development Sprints

The development team plans a time-boxed sprint within which the product backlog items are adopted as sprint backlog. For each user story, the team designs the components, including databases, and develops the application which undergos unit and module testing before it is delivered to the client for acceptance testing. Each iteration (sprint) delivers certain pre-determined features to the client in terms of deployable application so that the client can start using it in the testing / production environments.

Project Management

Our Project Managers follow a streamlines project monitoring and control methodology. The client is constantly updated about the progress of the project through Dashboards, Periodic Review Meetings and Product Demo. The escalation process and levels are provided so that in case something is not working out as expected the client can get it resolved through higher management. We believe in transperency and commitment in all our projects.